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    Browse through listings and make offers on tickets that interest you. Buy tickets to several games at once and you may just find that perfect Season Ticket partnership that will endure for years.

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      Browse through all Season Ticket Listings in a list format. Quickly filter by price, number of tickets, seat location, and more. Go!
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      If you can't find a Season Ticket sharing situation that works for you, start your own group! Quickly create a Listing that details what you want in Season Tickets and how many games you will take. Easily promote your Listing to your friends, family, and network and join up with other people from this site. The Milwaukee Admirals will help you put together a Season Ticket group. Sign Up Login
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    These web-based tools are provided to Full Season Ticket Holders free of charge courtesy of the Milwaukee Admirals.

    • Manage Partners & Tickets
      Keep track of all your partners and who has which games and tickets. Hold an online draft for everyone to pick their games. Sharing made easy! Sign Up Login
    • Hold an Online Ticket Draft
      Our Online Draft tool will change the way your ticket group divides tickets. Set up your draft to the exact needs of your group. Start your draft when you and your group are ready. Once you are done, the draft results are there for everyone to see. Feel free to use our Draft Order Algorithm. Sign Up Login